Is Your Local Restaurant Doing Enough on Instagram?

“I posted it on Instagram”, says every local restaurant. But what’s the “it”? The difference between a restaurant on Instagram and a restaurant ON INSTAGRAM is its content, strategy, and correct use of the platform.

Many local restaurants post and never look back at their post, but is your Instagram presence out beating the competition? The answer is in the numbers.

Here are 5 things to think about when evaluating your Instagram presence:

  1. Your content is designed specifically for Instagram: The same content you put on Facebook may not always be the right content for Instagram. Instagram focuses on beautiful photos, interesting videos, and content with very little text.
  2. You’re using the right hashtags: Hashtags change frequently, so it’s important to keep a daily and weekly pulse on trending hashtags in your industry. Many restaurants only tap into food-related hashtags, but there are hashtags linked to your community that can help you be part of a larger conversation and get discovered by new customers.
  3. You’re leveraging a paid strategy: Social media is no longer free.  Yes, you can post for free, but the platform itself is becoming a pay to play platform, which means a small paid budget is necessary to reach the right people. Targeted ads can help reach new customers and current customers who are interested in you.
  4. You’re creating small campaigns to promote special menu items, events, and other things at your restaurant: What’s your “secret sauce”, the things that make your restaurant stand out? Those are the important parts of your marketing communications. Creating mini-campaigns around those differentiation points can help you create a stronger presence for your restaurant, increase foot traffic, and increase attendance at events.
  5. Your customers post for you: When you have a strong digital presence, your customers notice and they want to share your story, too. If your customers aren’t posting for you, there’s an opportunity to reevaluate your strategy.  Your best customers are your best storytellers.



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