About AMP

About Me

Hi!  I’m Annie M. Pryatel (AMP) Rusche, owner of AMP.

I help small businesses and entrepreneurs find their place in their communities and amongst their audience, big and small.  I spent many years helping the “big guys”, but what brings me the most joy is helping businesses and startups grow and thrive.

AMP is built upon my passion for small businesses, mom and pop shops, entrepreneurs, those businesses looking to start small and grow big, and my love for helping my community of Cincinnati grow and prosper.

AMP was created because I recognized a need to help small businesses have a stronger presence in their neighborhoods.  Each year, many small businesses will shut their doors. AMP exists to keep your doors open. 

I noticed how much small business owners had on their plate and also how large agencies wanted to overcharge them for marketing needs.

I believe small businesses deserve an honest marketing partner.

When small businesses are successful, then communities are stronger.

Let’s AMPlify.