About Us

About the Owner

Hi!  I’m Annie Pryatel, owner of AMP,. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S in Marketing and received my M.S. in Mass Communication from the the VCU Brandcenter. After a few gigs at both large and small marketing firms, I decided to start AMP.  AMP is built upon my passion for small businesses, mom and pop shops, and entrepreneurs.

AMP was created because I recognized a need to help small businesses have a stronger presence in their communities.  I began to see how much small business owners had on their plate and also how large agencies wanted to overcharge them for marketing needs.

AMP exists for the small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Midwest.

I believe they deserve an honest marketing partner.  When small businesses are successful, then communities are stronger. I help small businesses bring forth their message across a variety of channels.  Many agencies may focus on one channel (social media or public relations). AMP believes your business can best AMPlify its message when everything works together.